Celebrant Services – Client Testimonials

Gillian and Andy’s Wedding Ceremony, Archerfield House in East Lothian 18th August 2020

“It’s just been the most magical few days we could ever have wished for. 
The ceremony was a dream come true for us. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and patience with us in the run up to the ceremony. What we created together was perfect in every way and we will remember it so vividly for the rest of our lives. Thank you for the beautiful book of your words. It was so kind of you to do that and it will be so lovely to read it back again from time to time and help us relive those moments. Being able to finally get married after all this time has made everything this year worth the hardship. We feel truly blessed in life and are so grateful that Instagram led us to you to marry us! Thank you, thank you, thank you again.”

Rio’s Naming and Welcome-to-the-World Ceremony, 15th March 2020

“Onie was the celebrant for my daughter’s naming day and I could not have been happier. Onie was able to articulate my thoughts and my requests in such a wonderful way and the day could not have gone better. I thoroughly recommend Onie. I just wish we could do it all again!!”

Leanne and Alex’s Vow Renewal Ceremony at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, 20th February 2020

Onie Tibbitt, Edinburgh Celebrant, conducts a beautiful, heart felt Vow Renewal Ceremony at Edinburgh Botanic Garden.

“Without Onie’s input we wouldn’t have had such a special experience and wouldn’t have shared the words together that we did. We knew that we wanted to make our 10th anniversary something more than just a nice trip, but how we were to celebrate it was something we needed guidance on. We contacted Onie and it was lovely to chat with her. After the call we had been given a variety of ideas to do during the ceremony and possible locations. Onie created a beautiful ceremony for us which included our unique stories and quotes, she also prompted us to give secret parts that we wouldn’t share with each other until the ceremony. We are so grateful for all of the work Onie put into the ceremony to make the day really special for us. On the day of our anniversary we travelled to Edinburgh, to the Botanic Gardens, where we met Onie in person for the first time. She made us feel at ease, the location she had suggested was perfect and we felt relaxed to laugh, and cry with joy, as we revealed some of things we had never said to one another before. Thank you so much for everything that you did to create our ceremony, Onie, it really was nothing without you and it is a day we will always cherish.”

Vivienne and Donald’s Wedding Ceremony at Dovecot Studios, 11th January 2020

Kira and James, Wedding Ceremony at Carlowrie Castle, 10th October 2019

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“Onie, you were nothing short of amazing!!! You’re so sweet and our special day wouldn’t have been complete without you. Thank you.”

Bo’s Naming Day at Tyninghame Town Hall, 19th October 2019


“Onie wonderfully helped make our baby Bo’s naming ceremony the perfect event to welcome him in to the world. We so enjoyed working with Onie who helped us weave a ceremony together which included contributions from spiritual guardians, music, group singing, poetry, readings and blessings.  Onie is very intuitive and sensitively translated our wishes and ideas in to a perfectly created ceremony.  Onie has a beautiful calmness and tenderness which made the whole ceremony relaxed but very special on the day where she held a sacred space for us with a perfect balance of allowing for all emotions but with an overriding sense of joy which we felt she genuinely shared with us. We hope to remain friends with Onie as she has been a key guide/mentor for us during our wonderful and profound birth journey.”

Elsie’s Naming Day Ceremony at home in Edinburgh, 29th September 2019

Onie Tibbitt Naming Ceremony Celebrant Edinburgh East Lothian Scotland

“Onie led a truly beautiful ceremony for our third daughter in our garden surrounded by friends and family. It was fun and relaxed and full of love and smiles and was exactly as we wanted it to be. Onie helped and guided us right from the beginning; making sure that all our different ideas were included in the ceremony and helping us with choosing the right readings and giving opportunities for friends/family to be included too. It was a truly beautiful day and will give us many happy memories for the future. Thank you Onie for supporting us.”

Esther and John Life Partnership Ceremony in Kinghorn, Fife, 31st August 2019

Onie Tibbitt, Scottish Celebrant conducts a beautiful, bespoke Handfasting and Life Partnership Ceremony in Fife.

“Onie helped us produce exactly the celebration we wanted: informal enough to set everyone at ease but poignant enough to highlight the importance of the day for us. She spent a lot of time beforehand talking to us and giving us ideas about the shape the ceremony could take but was always careful to give us the last word. This took a lot of the anxiety out of it and made it fun to do. The ceremony itself was everything we wanted, it was joyous and there was hardly a dry eye in the house as well. Thank you, Onie.”

Lianne and Iemad, Elopement Wedding Ceremony on the shores of Loch Bad ‘a Gaill near Ullapool, 10th July 2019

“Our elopement ceremony led by Onie was everything we hoped for – and so much more! The first email we received already showed how kind and thoughtful of a person Onie is. She was extremely helpful and patient from the beginning and we loved how well Onie put our thoughts beautifully into words. Onie provided us with many examples and ideas for the ceremony which really helped us to shape our ceremony exactly how we wanted it. She also added some lovely anecdotes and secret bits that made the ceremony so special. Onie puts in a lot of effort and does everything she can to make sure you have the perfect day. The ceremony itself was so magical and intimate and I am so grateful Onie was part of it. The ceremony cards Onie made (in both English and Dutch!) we got afterwards are such a lovely keepsake to have of our wedding day too. We highly recommend Onie as a celebrant and we are so thankful for everything she did for us, she is truly an amazing person!”

Jane and David Wedding Ceremony at GG Yard’s in Dumfries & Galloway, 11th May 2019

Handfasting Ceremony in Scotland conducted by Wedding Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt.
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“So many people commented that it was the best ceremony they have been to and how beautiful, unique and personal it was. A lot of people thought Onie was a friend of the family as she spoke with such familiarity. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it and the beautiful ceremony cards you presented at the end!! For anyone looking for a celebrant, we couldn’t recommend Onie enough. She is kind, eloquent, thoughtful and will really add something extra to make your special day, even that bit more special.”

Celebration of Life Ceremony at Mortonhall Crematorium, Edinburgh, 28th March 2019

Funeral Ceremony in Scotland conducted by Funeral Celebrant Onie Tibbitt

“I shall always be grateful for your support, expertise and kindness over this entire period. All the hours you put into the ceremony. Your care and attention to detail. All your hard work resulted in a beautiful culmination of the complex person that my husband was…there really are not the words for me to express adequately how grateful I am.”

Connie and Rich, Wedding and Handfasting Ceremony at The Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, 9th February 2019

Unique Wedding Ceremony by Celebrant Onie Tibbitt, Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Onie helped us create the most beautiful, personal ceremony for our wedding. It was everything we could ever have wished for! Thank you again x”

Rose and Adam, Elopement Wedding Ceremony at Prestonfield House, Edinburgh, 3rd December 2018

Gorgeous Elopement Ceremony in Scotland by Wedding Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt.
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“Onie was all Adam and I could have hoped for in a celebrant. She is very responsive, knowledgeable, prepared, and thoughtful. Her calming and friendly energy is so warm and made us feel very comfortable navigating this unfamiliar process. She was so helpful through e-mail and phone calls when we were planning our ceremony with her from Thailand.

The day of the ceremony Onie came early to familiarise herself with the space. She was thoughtful about so many small details. She printed and bound our ceremony beautifully for us. The wording was perfect and made us both emotional.

We so appreciate all the energy and effort Onie put in to make our day perfect. I highly recommend Onie and I can only say to anyone looking for a celebrant that you won’t find a more genuine and wonderful person!”

Alice Boyle and Calum Pretsell, Naming Ceremony for Leo in the Drawing Room at Kelburn Castle, 29th September 2018

Scottish Naming Ceremony by Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt.

“Onie was amazing from the word go. We met and discussed the type of ceremony we were looking for – a service with hymns, Buddhist readings, songs, vows from the godparents, blessings and also to involve the children. Onie helped guide us into creating a very personal and meaningful service, answering our questions quickly and always really calm and friendly. The day was beautiful. Onie led the service with ease and made everyone feel so relaxed. My friends and family enjoyed having her around. She was a real asset to the whole event as well as being a joyful celebrant for Leo’s Naming Ceremony.”

Scott Strain following the Funeral Ceremony for his father, Robert Strain, at South Lanarkshire Crematorium, 7th September 2018

Funeral Ceremony in Scotland by Funeral Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt.

“Onie beautifully captured the family’s memories of our father and presented them at his memorial service with a wonderful warmth, dignity and compassion. We were very pleased with the service Onie provided.”

Tammy Tibbets and Michael Walters, Wedding Ceremony at the DoubleTree Hilton in Edinburgh, 29th June 2018

Fabulous Scottish Wedding conducted by Onie Tibbitt, Edinburgh Wedding Celebrant.
Annie Lovett Photography

“Our wedding ceremony is one we will forever treasure. We are so fortunate to have found Onie – she is truly gifted with her words and is one of the most genuine people you’ll ever encounter. You can meet her for a short period of time and feel like you’ve known her for ages. She worked diligently with us to craft a ceremony that we loved down to the last detail; she offered many reading suggestions to inspire us, and she presided over a ceremony that flowed brilliantly and touched the hearts of all our guests. We couldn’t recommend her more!”

Sophie Neale and Richard Cooke, Naming Ceremony and Family Celebration for Theadora, Agnes and Florence at home in Musselburgh, 10th June 2017

“It was a uniquely special day, full of colour and happiness. One that we are very glad we had and which we will always treasure. Onie worked with us to develop a wonderful ceremony that made sense to us and our family. She helped us understand what might work and suggested ways to fill the ceremony with personal ideas and touches. She then bought her distinctive lightness and joy to the ceremony, guiding it and engaging friends and family. Thank you.”

Louise and David Oliver, Wedding Ceremony at Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh, 4th December 2016

Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Scotland conducted by Wedding Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt.

“Onie guided us through and inspired us to create a truly personal ceremony. Many of the guests have since commented on how beautiful and unique a ceremony it was. Onie presented us with a handmade copy of our ceremony, which is one of our most treasured wedding gifts. We feel honoured and blessed to have had Onie as part of our day.”

Sarah, Ed, Beth and Arwen, Wedding Ceremony & Family Celebration in Fife, 20th June 2015

Beautiful Scottish Handfasting Ceremony conducted by Onie Tibbitt, Wedding Celebrant.

“Onie was the celebrant for our wedding and family ceremony in June, 2015.  We had a rough idea of the kind of ceremony we wanted, but no idea how to make it happen or even what to include in it.  We knew that we wanted to celebrate our connections to each other as a family, and Ed and I wanted to celebrate our connection to each other through marriage (we had completed the legal ceremony the day before).  We also wanted to weave through the ceremony a celebration of our connection to the earth.  Onie spent time with us beforehand ensuring that she was tuned into our thinking and used her intuition, gentleness and inherent kindness to help guide us and shape our ceremony into something wonderful.  She was creative whilst also fully respecting our ideas and values.  Her ideas were very respectful and very much in accordance with our family and what was important to us.

On the day, she held space for us in the most lovely way that I could ever have imagined.  She helped out with what needed to be done as well as holding our ceremony for us.  It felt very much like she was the thread that was holding, and weaving all of the pieces of what we wanted together to create a magical and memorable day for us.  It was a unique day and everyone who attended spoke afterwards about the peaceful energy of the ceremony and how much they enjoyed it – it was totally unique. Onie was a very important person in helping create this and holding it for us.  We will remember it forever.”

Emily and Ade Wedding Ceremony in Aberlady, 25th May 2013

Quirky and Fun Wedding Ceremony conducted by Onie Tibbitt, Wedding Celebrant in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Onie was a wonderful and unreplaceable part of our wedding. I cannot imagine it without her. Onie was patient, thoughtful, loving and the perfect person to perform the ceremony. Onie took the time to go through my vows with me, helping me write them and construct a ceremony from scratch, to suit us as individuals. She was a calming positive influence both in the lead-up and during the day. I highly recommend Onie as a celebrant, and am so thankful to have had her with me on my wedding celebration!”

Torin’s Blessing and Naming Day Ceremony in London, 17th May 2015

Mixed Faith Naming Ceremony conducted by Independent Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt, Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Onie wrote and delivered the most perfect naming ceremony for our son. It was a complex mix of beliefs, families and religions so we opted for an ‘Onie Ceremony’. It was thoughtful, poignant, the perfect combination of serious and light, struck all the right tones. We were all absolutely delighted. Even the most sceptical were totally won over – even the Catholic priest says every time we meet – it was the nicest, most inclusive and warm ceremony he has ever been to – and that was the sentiment we have heard over and over again since the day. We are currently planning a church wedding but are discussing doing a follow-up ceremony to renew our vows in a year just so we can ask Onie again!”

Carrie and Jan Wedding Ceremony on Vatersay Bay in the Outer Hebrides, 7th April 2012

Remote Wedding Ceremony on a Scottish Beach conducted by Wedding Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt.

“Onie was amazing as our celebrant – she guided us through the process and helped us capture some of our ideas into a very unique wedding celebration.  What we appreciated most was that she helped us think through how to write our ceremony.  We had a few very vague ideas of what we would like – but after a few conversations, and some useful tips that she sent our way, she helped guide us to personalise our ceremony, write our vows, and think through how to include friends and family in the process.  It was also great fun using the process of writing our vows and think through our ceremony to reflect on our relationship and how we work well together. We can’t thank her enough for helping us pull together this day!”