Weddings, Life-Partnership Ceremonies, Vow Renewals and Reaffirmations

Your Wedding Ceremony will celebrate you as a couple.

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From the telling of your story to the exchange of vows, from the inclusion of rituals to the declaration of commitment, your ceremony will joyfully reflect your own unique personalities and your journey so far. 

You might wish to get married on a mountain top, or in a woodland under the stars, or in an historic castle, or in your own garden. Wherever you choose to get married, you can make your ceremony completely your own.

Beautiful gay Elopement Wedding Ceremony. Onie Tibbitt is an Independent Wedding Celebrants and a proud supporter of Marriage Equality.

If it is your wish to include symbolism, such as a Handfasting, Exchange of Rings, Ring Warming, Jumping the Broom, Oathing Stone Blessing, or Sharing of the Quaich, I can work with you to tailor these ritual elements so that you… your personalities… your story are at the heart of them.

Scottish Handfasting Ceremony on a remote Hebridean beach conducted by Onie Tibbitt, Agnostic Scotland Wedding Celebrant.

You might choose to include elements such as prayers, hymns and rituals from different faiths, or you may prefer to create a non-religious ceremony. An Agnostic ceremony is one which is inclusive and open-minded. Music, words, poetry and all other aspects of your ceremony can also be completely tailored to suit you and your family.

Through Agnostic Scotland, I am able to conduct all aspects of your Wedding Ceremony, including the legal aspects. However, I am often asked to conduct non-legal weddings, Reaffirmations, Vow Renewal ceremonies and Life-Partnership ceremonies. My role is to work with you to create a ceremony that will make your heart sing.

Gorgeous Elopement Ceremony in Scotland by Wedding Celebrant, Onie Tibbitt.
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I really invest in the couples I work with and take the time to get to know you. We meet as often as is necessary to plan your ceremony. I provide comprehensive support materials and example ceremonies to you to help you decide what kind of ceremony you would like, and am always on hand to chat through ideas. Over a period of weeks, or months, I write a completely unique ceremony for you, with your input. Once you are happy with your ceremony, I then create a ‘secret’ version into which I add elements and ‘secret snippets’ that I have gathered from my meetings with you and worked with you both to individually design.

Onie Tibbitt, Edinburgh Celebrant, creates beautiful keepsake ceremony cards for the families she works with.

I pour my heart into every ceremony I create to ensure that your ceremony is poignant, heartfelt and joyful. If you wish, I also create beautiful bespoke keepsake ceremony cards, vow scrolls, a painted oathing stone and other symbolic elements for you. I hold the space on your wedding day, deliver the ceremony and, if you are having a legal wedding, I declare you legally married.

I check in with you a month or so after your wedding, and if you wish to stay in touch afterwards then that is always a pleasure. I have met many wonderful people and made some great friends through this work.

For every couple I work with, I plant a tree in our beautiful Agnostic Scotland grove in the Scottish Highlands, as part of an important rewilding project run by Trees for Life.

As per recommended Agnostic Scotland Wedding fees, I charge £550 plus mileage for weddings and that includes a tree planted in your name and my dedicated time to plan, co-collaborate and write your ceremony for you. There is the optional extra of a professionally printed keepsake ceremony, vow scrolls, a beautiful handmade book, and a painted oathing stone if you choose to include those elements.

Agnostic Scotland has a Community Fund to help make ceremonies affordable to all, so if you feel you need support in paying your wedding fee then please do let me know.

I am really happy to meet up with you to see if my services suit you. Please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you and wish you all the very best for a magical wedding day and life ahead.