Celebration of Life and Memorial Ceremonies

“I shall always be grateful for your support, expertise and kindness over this entire period. All the hours you put into the ceremony. Your care and attention to detail. All your hard work resulted in a beautiful culmination of the complex person that my husband was …there really are not the words for me to express adequately how grateful I am.”

Gabe Stewart

If you would like me to help you to plan, write and deliver a life celebration ceremony for your loved one, then it would be my honour and privilege to work with you, and to help ease that process for you.

Funeral Ceremony in Edinburgh conducted by Funeral Celebrant Onie Tibbitt.

I will take the time to get to know you, to find out everything that I can about the person you are grieving for, and to help you create a ceremony that you feel proud of and that truly does your loved one justice. I can help you create a ceremony that entirely reflects their personality, the life they led, the choices they made and the challenges they faced, the joys they experienced and that celebrates all the important elements that made them who they were.

Onie beautifully captured the family’s memories of our father and presented them at his memorial service with a wonderful warmth, dignity and compassion. We were very pleased with the service Onie provided.”

Scott and David

The ceremony would be exactly as you wish it to be. An Agnostic Scotland ceremony is one that is inclusive and open-minded. It is possible to entirely reflect the person you are grieving’s own unique blend of beliefs and values. All words, music, symbolic elements and rituals are entirely your choice.

I do my very best to ensure that the ceremony we create gives you the opportunity to say everything you wish to say and do everything you wish to do in order to truly pay tribute to, honour and celebrate the life of the person you are grieving.

If you are nearing the end of your life and are looking for someone thoughtful, calm and light of heart to help you plan your funeral, life celebration or memorial gathering then it would be my privilege to support you.

Onie Tibbitt, Edinburgh-based Funeral Celebrant, conducts a Memorial Ceremony.

As per Agnostic Scotland recommended rates, I charge £450 for a life celebration ceremony plus travel. This includes all planning meetings, liaising with family and friends, being fully present on the day (I only book one ceremony a day so I can be there for you for as long as you wish), holding space for you all and delivering a beautiful ceremony, as per your wishes. I also plant a tree in our beautiful grove in Glen Affric in memory of you or your loved one. If you wish, I can print a bound copy of the ceremony for you or your family’s memories.

Please note that, while I am very open to planning life celebration and memorial ceremonies (which are often less time-sensitive than a funeral), I am very limited in the number of funerals I can conduct due to my other work commitments. As such, the funeral ceremonies that I have the honour of leading are often for families I have already worked with, for friends, for those who are planning their own funeral as they near the end of their life, and for families who wish to take the time to co-create an authentic, beautiful and unique memorial ceremony for the person whose loss they are grieving. If this feels right for you, it would be my honour to chat with you.

If I am unavailable on the date you are wishing for then I would gladly put you in touch with one of my wonderful colleagues at Agnostic Scotland.

Please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.