Celebrant Services

I am a Celebrant with Agnostic Scotland offering personalised and individual ceremonies for Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Baby Namings, Funerals, or any event significant to you and your family. Whilst I am based in East Lothian, I love to travel and am happy to offer ceremonies further afield.Wedding Ceremony conducted at Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh by Onie Tibbitt, Independent Wedding Celebrant

An Agnostic Scotland Ceremony is one which is centred around the wishes and values of the family involved. This enables you to create a unique ceremony that reflects your own personal beliefs, whether that incorporates religious and spiritual beliefs or entirely non-religious/secular ethos. You may choose to create a ceremony that is traditional, unconventional, grand, or intimate… every ceremony is unique. It is my great pleasure to support families in the creation of a meaningful and individual ceremony that reflects and respects the way they have chosen to live their lives, their own views and wishes.

Beautiful gay Elopement Wedding Ceremony. Onie Tibbitt, Wedding Celebrant with Agnostic Scotland is a proud supporter of Marriage Equality.

The content of your ceremony is entirely your choice. It is possible to include elements such as prayers, hymns and rituals from different faiths, or you may prefer to create a non-religious ceremony. If it is your wish to include symbolism, such as a Handfasting, Exchange of Rings or Sharing of the Quaich during a Wedding Ceremony, these can be personally adapted. Music, words, poetry and all other aspects of your ceremony can also be completely tailored to suit you and your family. Through Agnostic Scotland, I can apply for a Wedding Authorisation Licence to conduct all aspects of your wedding ceremony, including the legal aspects.

Scottish Handfasting Ceremony on a remote Hebridean beach conducted by Onie Tibbitt, Agnostic Scotland Wedding Celebrant

As each ceremony is individual, the cost will be reflective of the type and location of the ceremony involved. With your involvement, we would agree on a fee that includes planning meetings, developing and writing the ceremony, travel costs, and conducting the ceremony itself.

Bespoke Naming Ceremony and Family Celebration conducted by Onie Tibbitt, Naming Celebrant with Agnostic Scotland.

Please note that I am restricted in the number of Funerals I can conduct due to my other work commitments. However, if I am unable to help I am more than happy to put you in touch with my wonderful fellow celebrants.

I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here.