A uniquely personal Naming Ceremony in East Lothian: “If only we were all of us greeted into the world this way …”

Petit coeur little heart we are where we are meant to be, you fit like a glove, skin to skin, heart to heart on a course flying free, now as three

[extract of a beautiful poem written for Bo by Bo’s mother]
Onie Tibbitt, Agnostic Scotland Celebrant, conducts a beautiful Naming Ceremony in East Lothian.

All the uniquely personal elements in Bo’s soul-nourishing welcome-to-the-world ceremony today made my spirits soar. A special candle was passed from friend to friend as the beautiful Karine Polwart song, ‘Beo’, played. As each person held the light, they were invited to hold in their mind and hearts a loving thought for Bo and his parents. A song was sung to acoustic guitar and a poem recited with love – both written especially for Bo by close family friends.

Rose petals gathered from a bouquet that had been gifted to Bo’s parents on the day of his birth were shared among the gathering and gently showered around the little boy as his name was declared to the world.

A Native American ritual to greet the cardinal points, North-South-East-West, invited everyone present to set their own unique and personal intentions as they become Bo’s teachers, guides and mentors. Bo’s parents lead a gorgeous ritual to honour the Earth and all her elements and to request their protection for Bo as he grows.

And a glorious a capella song was sung by all, ‘To you we sing and happiness we bring to celebrate your birth, an angel here on Earth’. All centred around a gorgeous handmade blessing wreath to which everyone was welcome to attach their own written words of blessing for Bo throughout the day’s celebrations.

Bo’s wonderful doula, who was present at his birth, said to me after the ceremony, “If only we were all of us greeted into the world this way…”
I couldn’t agree more ❤️

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