A wish for you two…

Earlier this Autumn, I had the pleasure of revisiting the gorgeous Carlowrie Castle, ancestral family home to the inspirational female Arctic explorer, Isobel Wylie Hutchison. The fun-loving wedding of travel-seekers, Kira and James, was a stunning and romantic blend of both Scottish and American traditions.

Sweet touches chosen by the bride and groom included an American-style line up of bridesmaids and groomsmen to each side of the couple…

A good deal of hilarity as we shared the story of how these two fab people got together…

Not a dry eye in the room as they surprised each other with the ‘secret’ reasons why they loved one another…

Before exchanging rings as a promise of their everlasting love…

An adaptation of the traditional handfasting where James and Kira chose a swathe of white lace to represent Kira’s family and a swatch of tartan to represent James’ family. These symbolic cloths were laid over their joined hands as they made their Marriage vows to one another…

Kira and James then quite literally tied the knot together and held it up for all to admire (a first for me!)…

And they sealed their Marriage declaration with a kiss…

Before enjoying a sweet Sharing of the Quaich ceremony with their favourite whisky…

And a gorgeous Chinese Love Poem read in both Cantonese and English by Kira’s mother and grandmother. Beautiful!

A wish for you two,

zhù nĭ men

May you respect each other like honored guests.

xīang jìng rú bīn

May you always see heart to heart.

xīn xīn xīang yìn

May fragrant flowers bloom and full moons shine over your life together.

huā hăo yuè yuán

May your joy and happiness be forevermore.

băi nián hăo hé

Chinese Love Poem

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Maclean! I loved planning your ceremony with you and it was an honour to lead it. Wishing you many more magical adventures to come, boundless laughter and happily ever after.

Super also to see Ailsa, Cassandra and the ace Carlowrie Events Team whizzing about. And a pleasure to meet photographer couple Johnnie and Garett – thank you for these epic photos – and videographer, Hannah from Gione da Silva.

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