A seaside Wedding in East Lothian: “The key to a happy life …”

“Andy and Gillian believe the key to a happy life together is understanding that happiness comes from inner peace. The happiness we create as individuals enhances the life of those close to us. For Gillian and Andy, the key to a happy life is kindness – in words and actions. It is patience, communication, compassion, gratitude for life – for each other and the simple things. It is about being present and making time for one another, supporting each other through the good times and bad, giving each other space for individuality and independence. And most of all, the key to a happy life is laughing together always.”

I haven’t stopped smiling since today’s ceremony. Gillian and Andy exchanged vows overlooking the sea, surrounded by stunning flowers, with their closest family as witnesses. This generous, sunset-chasing, sea-faring, adventure-loving couple had already postponed their wedding plans a couple of times, and yet today’s ceremony felt as though it was always meant to be. The sun shone (despite the yellow warnings for rain), tears flowed, laughter rippled, and love bloomed.

Marriage promises were sealed with a bespoke handfasting ritual, and a shared drink from a gorgeous handmade quaich. Andy chose a drop of golden Cornish rum and Gillian a drop of Scotland’s finest whisky – a potent mix to honour their shared heritage – the perfect first toast as husband and wife.

They then hoisted their very own flag to mark the next stage in their journey of life.

Wishing you many years of love and laughter and a thousand blessings in your life together, Gillian and Andy. I am so happy that your long-awaited ceremony was everything you had hoped it would be. To use one of your Granny T’s much-loved expressions, “Love wins the day!”

It was a great pleasure to also meet Holly and Phil from Belle and Beaux Fine Art Wedding Photography, Ally from Piece of Time Wedding Films, and enjoy the gorgeous singing by Katie Wills Music, and stunning flowers by Aoife at Feather Glass Florals🌿🌺

It felt SO great to be back celebranting after a five month ‘lockdown’ pause!

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