A gorgeous Wedding in the Scottish Borders: “A Big Love In”

Happy New Year, Everyone. I hope 2021 brings you great happiness and good health, and a positive shift from the uncertain times we’ve all been facing this past year.

This seems a perfect time to share, with their kind permission, details of Natalie and Lucy’s gorgeous ceremony on 20th December 2020 and these glorious photographs by Ian Linton.

Lucy and Natalie brilliantly navigated the shifting sands of a global pandemic, despite the challenges they faced. I hope their story will help reassure others that a change in plans can sometimes simply mean a different kind of wonderful.

Ian Linton Photography

When we met to plan their ceremony, Natalie told me:

“Our wedding is about love… it is about celebrating our love with the people we love, and with all the people who love us… it’s a big love in…” 

And that’s exactly how it was; the light, beautiful Sun Room at Newhall Estate was brimming with joy, tenderness, laughter and love.

Ian Linton Photography

Originally, Lucy and Natalie’s plans had been to make their commitments to each other in a large gathering, at the height of spring, with all their family and friends present as witnesses. However, when lockdown hit they were forced to postpone. Seven months later, it became obvious that a large gathering would still not be possible.

They were determined to not let a global pandemic interfere with their wish to get married this year but it was also really important to Natalie and Lucy to include their wider friends and family. As Lucy had said when we first met:

“We both feel so lucky to have found each other. Our ceremony is about thanking everyone for all the love and support they have given us along the way.”

Ian Linton Photography

So, a plan was made to have two ceremonies. The first would be an intimate Marriage ceremony with just eleven of their close family and friends. The second would be a first anniversary ceremony and party with all the people they love.

Their December ceremony was absolutely heartwarming. Natalie and Lucy walked down the aisle together to ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ by Mariah Carey.

Ian Linton Photography

A musician friend recorded a beautiful song especially for their wedding, which we listened to during the ceremony. Natalie’s twin sister gave a brilliant and entertaining insight into how these two fantastic people found each other.

Ian Linton Photography

I shared, on their behalf, some secret thoughts and words that Lucy and Natalie had written for each other. They exchanged joint vows and rings as a symbol of their loving and binding commitments.

We heard a recording, during the signing of the Marriage Schedule, of wonderful music created especially for the day by Lucy’s brother and nephew.

After such an emotional and logistical rollercoaster of a year, it made my heart sing to declare Natalie and Lucy legally married.

.Ian Linton Photography

Natalie and Lucy, huge congratulations! Thank you for being so fun and lovely. I’m already looking forward to celebrating with you, and your family and friends, this time next year. Wishing you so much love and happiness for all your many years together.

Ian Linton Photography

Thanks also to Jack at Newhall Estate for being so welcoming. And great to catch up with Ian Linton Photography. Thank you for these epic photos.

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