A beautiful, relaxed and intimate Wedding in the Scottish Highlands

When I met with Emil and Lucy to plan their ceremony, they told me they wanted a “beautiful, relaxed, intimate ceremony” and that’s exactly how it felt. There were so many gorgeous personal touches …

The bride and groom’s parents blessed the marriage in Polish and English at the start of the ceremony, which got us all weeping happy tears before it had even begun.

Kris Soul Photography

We heard the entertaining story of how Lucy and Emil got together (involving some heroic matchmaking efforts by their mutual friend).

I shared some of the lovely things Lucy and Emil had told me in secret when I asked them individually what they would like to say to each other about their love and connection.

Kris Soul Photography

The mother of the groom sang a stunning Polish love song which blew us all away.

Kris Soul Photography

Lucy and Emil exchanged emotional personal vows and rings.

Kris Soul Photography

They then sealed their Marriage Vows with a unique triple knot Handfasting. The mother of the bride did a fantastic job tying three knots; symbolising the bride and groom’s individual and shared vows, and the joining of their families and countries.

The whole event was absolutely glorious and utterly heart-warming and I’m so incredibly happy for these two brilliant people.

Wishing you so much love and joy for your future together, Lucy and Emil. Thank you for trusting me with your ceremony and for generously sharing these photos. It was an absolute pleasure being with you on your wedding day and spending time with all your lovely family and friends. Congratulations!

Kris Soul Photography

Stunning flowers and arch by family friend, Deborah.
Sweet photographs by Kris Soul Photography.

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