Reflections from an Edinburgh Celebrant: “Love is Love For Life”

I’m delighted to have just contributed to sponsoring the next LGBTQ+ Equality Weddings Guide. The work that this community-led, community-funded, community-accountable and community-focussed organisation does is so incredibly important.

Last month, I was invited to be celebrant for an awesome couple who were choosing to exchange their Marriage Vows on top of a munro. It was a magical, love-filled, epic day but also symbolic of the long and challenging life journey the two brides had experienced in order to be true to themselves and find each other. Their story, like so many others, shines a light on the urgent need for a more open-hearted and inclusive attitude towards love and gender, sexuality and Marriage.

When we came to sign the Marriage Schedule for the couple – on the car bonnet in the drizzle after our gorgeous hike – I was ashamed to see that the official document produced by the local Registry Office stated ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ as the two partners getting married (something that I had not seen on other Marriage Schedules where it usually lists ‘Partner 1’ and ‘Partner 2’). Needless to say I scribbled out ‘Groom’ and wrote ‘BRIDE’ in strong, capital letters.

This absolutely shouldn’t happen.

Everything about our role as individuals working in the wedding sector should be inclusive. Language should reflect the dedicated and heartfelt commitment that so many businesses and individuals are making towards equality in the wedding sector.

Love is Love For Life. And we want to celebrate that.

It can be challenging getting it right. Knowing how to ensure that all our forms and websites, words and actions are signalling equality and not simply adding to the discrimination so many feel when planning their wedding.

That’s where the Eqaulity Weddings LGBTQ+ guide comes in.

If you haven’t already, I would urge you to request a copy here. If you believe that all people have a right to love and be treated equally then do consider supporting their next guide here.

Read it, use it to guide and inform your practice, then shout about the importance of this guide and LGBTQ+ Equality Weddings on your SoMe accounts so others do the same.

Let’s all be a part of something important and essential and beautiful to effect meaningful change. Love is All.

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