A romantic wedding in the Scottish Borders

“You know all those things that we’ve promised, and hoped, and dreamed – well, I meant it all, every word.”

Robert Fulghum

I absolutely loved being part of Amy and David’s gorgeous Autumn wedding. The whole day was infused with a lightness and joy that left me smiling for such a long time after.

Rachel and Tonie Photography

These two funny, thoughtful people invited family and friends from Ireland and Scotland to join them for the weekend. The cosy and welcoming Newhall Estate, surrounded by beautiful woods aflame with rich autumnal colours, was the perfect place for their gathering.

The light, airy Sun Room was decorated with the most beautiful flower arch by Barbara at Wild Flower Workshop in tones that perfectly matched Amy’s stunning dress. We celebrated Dave and Amy by sharing the entertaining and lovely story of how their two completely opposite personalities made for a few excellent first dates that resulted in them falling into love and life together. In their words, “it all just felt so, so right.”

Rachel and Tonie Photography

During the ceremony, I surprised them both by sharing some of the poignant and funny thoughts they had told me in secret and wished to share with each other – about their love for each other, their connection, and how despite Dave’s need for cleanliness, he’ll put up with any number of animals-in-need-of-tlc brought home by Amy, if it makes her happy.

Rachel and Tonie Photography

It was especially lovely to lead a shared ceremony for Amy and Dave as their families represented several different beliefs and faiths. Dave’s family, having only attended religious ceremonies in the past, told me afterwards that they were delighted with how personal, uplifting and intimate the whole ceremony was. It was an honour to lead an inclusive ceremony that fully respected everyone’s individual beliefs, values and wishes.

Will you continue to laugh together every day, embracing life’s great adventure, creating a life that you love as much as you love each other, and a home filled with love and happiness?

We will!”

Dave and Amy exchanged wedding bands and made their Marriage Vows to one another with a traditional Handfasting. Their pastel-coloured Hansfasting ribbons had been embroidered with a quote from one of their favourite songs, “Home is wherever I’m with you.” It was my honour to declare them married to the joyful cheers of their family and friends.

Rachel and Tonie Photography

Dave and Amy shared a just-married toast with a sip of blended Irish and Scottish whisky in their wedding Quaich, symbolising the joining of their two families and two countries. The groomsmen did a fantastic job of handing out miniatures to everyone. Then we toasted Amy and Dave with jubilant shouts of “Slàinte Mhath” as they walked into their future together.

Sharing these glorious photos taken by the wonderfully talented Rachel and Tonie Photography, with kind permission from Dave and Amy, I am struck again by what a very great privilege it is to be a part of such meaningful, beautiful moments. And how, especially now as the shifting sands of the global pandemic feel ever more precarious, taking time to celebrate love and life feels even more important.

Congratulations, David and Amy! May you have many wonderful adventures in the years to come, and all the happiness … and animals … you could wish for. Thank you for trusting me with your ceremony, and thank you for sharing these beautiful details of your day.

Rachel and Tonie Photography

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