A Scottish Munro wedding: “After all the patient hours of waiting … “

The privacy and simplicity of Lizzie and Nicky’s wedding ceremony was intentional. Their wish was to have a wedding adventure that gave them the freedom to honour the important and, at times, challenging journey that had brought them to be where they are in their lives today. They wanted to walk and share stories, sing and read poetry, be both silly and sincere. To connect with the true essence of love and commitment at the heart of their Marriage commitments.

With two of their closest friends as witnesses they chose to mark the beginning of their long and beautiful journey as a married couple with a ceremony that unfolded along a walk up one of Scotland’s stunning Munros.

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Being in nature is perfect. Here we are invited to respond to the shifting moods of the world around us, to be authentic and free. Today’s walk up the mountain is about you both being able to be fully yourselves. It’s about sharing truths and being honest and open, allowing emotion to flow and taking time to contemplate whatever is needed. It’s about all of us coming together to share in this intimacy, compassion and connection to support you both as you step into your future together.

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We set off in the pouring rain, both brides-to-be laughing that despite the stormy forecast, they had risen early to iron their wedding dresses. As we approached the gate to take us onto the mountain path, I opened the ceremony and shared some secret words from Nicky’s parents.

The rain began to ease and the clouds rolled back to reveal the twin peaks of Ben More and Stob Binnein. We paused by a rock overlooking the valley. Nicky sang a sweet song about her favourite pair of shoes – an ode to her younger self, the importance of friendship, and a reminder of the small but important things in life. Lizzie read a poem about the boisterous fun and happy times spent with her closest childhood friend.

The two river crossings on the journey up to Stob Binnein provided the perfect, symbolic setting for Lizzie and Nicky to exchange stories about their own life crossings, times when their paths had unknowingly intersected many years earlier. And, when suitably out of breath after a very steep climb (and chasing a rucksack that rolled most of the way back down the hill), we held space for Nicky and Lizzie to talk openly about the challenges they have faced in their own personal journeys to be true to themselves and find each other. Their good friends led a gorgeous ritual for letting go on the bealach between the two peaks, and gave a beautiful reading.

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We sheltered from the wind by a boulder shrouded in mist as Nicky and Lizzie spoke of their deep gratitude for their family life and shared a gorgeous poem written by Lizzie’s son.

As we approached the pinnacle of Stob Binnein, the wind stilled and a brilliant sunlit cloud wrapped us in a wonderful calm. Lizzie and Nicky exchanged personal vows and rings declared their Marriage Vows to one another. It was my honour to read a beautiful poem by Lizzie and declare them legally married.

A Time for Love

There is a time for love,

a time when her net thrown wide

catches a shining beauty,

after all the patient hours of waiting.

There is a time for love,

a time when she clears the brambles

and picks the ripest fruit,

after all the stumbling and scrambling.

There is a time for love,

a time when the crashing waves calm

and the boat sails to shore,

after all the days without direction.

There is a time for love,

a time when love settles like a bird,

silently, as if from nowhere,

a peaceful offering, when home arrives. 

Lizzie Ashworth

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The wind picked up as we returned to the bealach, just in time to reveal the sweeping majestic views as we shared cake and prosecco. Then we released thousands of dandelion seeds onto the wind as just-married blessings for them both.

Heartfelt congratulations and so much love to you both, Lizzie and Nicky. I loved being part of your soulful, fun, epic wedding. Thank you for choosing to share these gorgeous details with us all.

Thank you to Mark from North Hold Photography for these stunning photos.