Beneath the ancient redwoods … a romantic Scottish wedding

A white opposite sex couple stand facing an intimate circle of their loved ones beneath two towering redwoods. They are dressed in wedding clothes. He's in a kilt and jacket and she's in a white dress. Their family sit on rows of wooden chairs. The celebrant stands to the left of the couple in a green dress sharing their story.
Loraine Ross Photography

Emma and Craig’s wedding was simple, authentic and loving. An intimate circle of their dearest friends and family gathered beneath the ancient redwoods at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to witness them making their Marriage declarations to one another.

During their ceremony, we spoke of how these two kind-hearted, generous people, who have known each other since primary school, reconnected in their twenties. We heard how, as students, Craig rescued Emma from subsisting entirely off crunchy nut cornflakes and jaffa cakes by teaching her how to make the essentials for survival – chicken curry and spaghetti bolognaise (which he says back then was pretty much his entire repertoire). And how, after settling into a fun sort of domestic bliss while living in two separate flats, it soon became clear to both of them that they liked each other as more than friends. And so it was that they fell into life, love and laughter together.

A white opposite sex couple hold hands facing each other during their wedding ceremony. She's wearing a white dress with long bell sleeves and floor length skirt. He's wearing a tartan kilt and blue jacket. She has long blonde hair and he has short brown hair and a beard. The celebrant stands between them holding a wooden folder with the words 'love is all' written on it. The celebrant is smiling. To their right a man with a grey checked suit, pink tie and white shirt with cropped blonde hair holds their Handfasting ribbons - a piece of tartan and a piece of white lace.
Loraine Ross Photography

We heard how brilliantly they work together as a couple, how they have complete trust in one another, and how they face any challenges together, in the same calm, thoughtful way, always striving to be kind to each other. Craig always ensures there is a stash of chocolate hidden somewhere in the house for when Emma get snacky. And in return, Emma helps Craig find things he has misplaced about the house – usually his slippers or coffee mug. In Emma’s words, “we really look after each other.”

Before Emma and Craig made their life promises to one another, circled by towering redwoods, we paused to take a moment to ‘be’ in that beautiful, peaceful place, to contemplate the loving and binding commitments that Craig and Emma were choosing to make to each other, to enjoy the birdsong and the gentle rustle of leaves in the trees as their friends and family sent silent well-wishing thoughts to them both.

Then Craig and Emma warmed their wedding rings in their hands as they shared beautiful, personal vows that reflected their twelve years together. And they gifted each other a ring.

Will you give each other the space to grow, embracing without enveloping, cultivating a partnership of individuals that will last a lifetime? 

“We will!”

They sealed their Marriage Vows with a Handfasting with two cords; Muir tartan for Craig’s family, and McKinley for Emma’s family, to symbolize the intertwining of their lives.

As the right hand is to the left, may you be forever one, sharing in all things at home and abroad in love and loyalty for all time to come. 

A white opposite sex couple face each other during their wedding ceremony. Their hands are bound with two Handfasting cords - tartan and lace. They are smiling.
Loraine Ross Photography

With the trees and their loved ones as witness, it was my honour and privilege to declare Emma and Craig legally married.

“If you wish, you may kiss!”

A white opposite sex couple kiss during their wedding ceremony. He is wearing a tartan kilt and blue tweed jacket. He has short dark hair and a small beard. She has blonde hair and is wearing a white dress with bell sleeves and long skirt. Their loved ones look on smiling and clapping.
Loraine Ross Photography

It was a beautiful day and we could all feel the love as we raised a toast to the newlyweds, wishing them well for all the many years to come before Craig and Emma stepped into their married life together.

A wedding party stand circled by ancient rewoods in a botanic garden. They are raising a toast to two newlyweds. Everyone is smiling.
Lorraine Ross Photography

Congratulations to you both, Emma and Craig. I absolutely loved being your celebrant at your joyful, romantic ceremony. Wishing you so much happiness in your lives together. Thank you for sharing these sweet details with us all.

Thank you to the wonderful Loraine Ross for these beautiful photos.

A white opposite sex couple stand on a stone staircase in a garden. They are flanked by trees and shrubs and wearing wedding clothes. She is wearing a long white wedding dress and holding a spring bouquet of flowers. He is wearing a kit and tweed jacket. They are smiling at each other.
Loraine Ross Photography

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