A relaxed wedding in the Scottish Highlands

Maddy and Mike affirmed their love and made their life promises to each other on the banks of Loch Garten in the Scottish Highlands.

Maddy and Mike, ever since your first visit together, all those years ago, you have loved sharing time here in the Cairngorms …. hiking, splitboarding, biking and adventuring. So, I know it means so much to you both that you are able to make your life promises to one another here, beneath these rocky mountains, next to this beautiful loch, in summer, in Scotland, in the place that means so much to you both.

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An intimate circle of Maddy and Mike’s closest family joined them for a relaxed weekend of wedding celebrations. On the morning of their wedding day, the whole family enjoyed a mellow time getting ready together in a beautiful house outside Aviemore before heading on a short drive to their chosen ceremony location.

As Mike stood with his back to the mountains, flanked by three generations of their families, Maddy walked between the tall pines, up their wedding aisle, to join him at the lochside.

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To open the ceremony, we all shared a peaceful moment drinking in the scents and sounds of that special place, listening to the chattering of the birds, the gentle lapping of the water and considering the importance of the moment.

We shared stories of some of the epic adventures Maddy and Mike have enjoyed in their seven years together. How they met during ski season in Revelstoke, Canada, where they were both working at the time. How they bonded when Maddy cracked a joke that no one else found funny but Mike thought was hilarious. And how, once they got chatting, it quickly became clear to both of them that they shared a similar outlook on life, as well as the same sense of humour.

Mike and Maddy, today is a celebration of seven years together and many wonderful adventures. It’s clear from our conversations that you live life to the full and that the cornerstones of your relationship remain the same after all these years – travelling, laughter, family and fun.  

We heard about Mike and Maddy’s time together, how they gradually fell in love one adventure at a time. And how, over the years, they have built a treasure trove of incredible memories. We heard how, when Mike proposed on a glorious day on a snowshoe hike in Canada, it wasn’t unexpected but it was a lovely surprise – to everyone, including Maddy! But, like so many decisions that this brilliant, laid-back couple have made together, Mike and Maddy knew what felt right to them both at the time.

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When we were planning their ceremony, Mike and Maddy had written secret words for each other which I shared during the ceremony, with their permission, to the surprise and delight of everyone there.

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We spoke of love and what it means to them both. How they live life by the day, making the most of their time together. And how, even though they have quite different personalities, they complement each other brilliantly, and they bring out the best in each other.

We heard how Maddy helps draw Mike out of his comfort zone, encouraging him to have more fun out and about with friends. And how Mike helps to ground Maddy, bolstering her confidence and encouraging her when needed. Like the time they both took a particularly difficult route up the mountain and Mike pushed Maddy just a wee bit too far, resulting in her actually breaking up with Mike right there on the mountainside … but then once they were down the slope and the anxiety effect had worn off, they both found it hilarious and they went back for another go! 

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As the wind rustled the pine trees, Maddy and Mike made their Marriage promises to each other and gifted each other a ring. It was my pleasure to declare Mike and Maddy married as their families clapped and cheered. Then we all wished them well as they stepped into their married life together.

Mike and Maddy, now that you are married, go forward in your life together with the heartfelt good wishes of those of us here today. May all your hopes be fulfilled and may you always be each other’s dearest friend and greatest love. In the words of this sweet Celtic blessing: 

“We wish you always;

Walls for the wind

A roof for the rain

Coffee beside the fire 

And the love and laughter of all those you hold dear.

May you have many wonderful adventures in the years to come, with all the bluebird powder days, epic travels, endless talks and happiness you could ever wish for.

Maddy and Mike’s “no fuss, laid back ceremony” was perfect. Being in nature, nestled between the trees, and overlooked the mountains they both love, felt so right for these two brilliant, nature-loving people. It was such a joy to be a part of their sweet day.

Congratulations to you both, Mike and Maddy. Thank you for trusting me with your ceremony and for sharing these gorgeous snippets of your wedding adventure with us all. Sending all the love and adventures to you both!

Thank you to the wonderful Simone Smith for capturing these moments so beautifully. Thank you to the wonderful Sarah and Garry at Wild Weddings Scotland for organising their gorgeous day.

Simone Smith Photography

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