Naming, welcome-to-the-world and family celebration ceremonies

There are endless possibilities when it comes to planning a family celebration ceremony. You might be wishing for a blessingway to honour the near arrival of your baby, or holding a naming ceremony for one or more of your children. You might be welcoming an adopted child into your family, or honouring a rite of passage celebrating a life transition or milestone.

Whatever you are planning, I will do my very best to create a ceremony for you that captures perfectly the essence of your family and the small, or not-so-small, people being celebrated.

It was a uniquely special day, full of colour and happiness. One that we are very glad we had and which we will always treasure. 

Sophie, Rich, Thea, Aggie and Flo

You might be looking for a traditional Naming Ceremony with readings, a declaration of the names being given, promises from the parents, and Guide- or God-parents. You may wish to include elements of religion such as prayers or blessings, or create an entirely non-religious ceremony.

An Agnostic Scotland ceremony is open-minded and inclusive. Together we can co-create a ceremony that fully respects and reflects the beliefs, values and wishes of all involved.

Onie Tibbitt, Edinburgh-based Naming Ceremony Celebrant, conducts a fabulous Welcome-to-the-World Ceremony at Kelburn Castle, Scotland.

Onie wrote and delivered the most perfect naming ceremony for our son. It was a complex mix of beliefs, families and religions so we opted for an ‘Onie Ceremony’. It was thoughtful, poignant, the perfect combination of serious and light, struck all the right tones. We were all absolutely delighted. Even the most sceptical were totally won over – even the Catholic priest says every time we meet – it was the nicest, most inclusive and warm ceremony he has ever been to – and that was the sentiment we have heard over and over again since the day.

Lucy, Paul and Torin

You might be seeking a ceremony that is heart-centred and holistic, taking time to reflect on the journey you have been through during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, giving thanks to all those who have supported you and will continue to do so, including blessings and rituals that give back to the earth.

Onie held space for us in the most lovely way that I could ever have imagined. It felt very much like she was the thread that was holding, and weaving all of the pieces of what we wanted together to create a magical and memorable day for us.  It was a unique day and everyone who attended spoke afterwards about the peaceful energy of the ceremony and how much they enjoyed it – it was totally unique. 

Sarah, Ed, Beth and Arwen

You might be wanting a light, fun ceremony that is full of child-focussed joy with rituals such as appointing an actual Fairy God- or Guide-parent, singing songs, creating family paintings, including rites of passage such as jumping off tree stumps, confetti blessings, cutting a cake, creating potions…

It is my role to help you lovingly craft a ceremony that makes your family smile and will leave you with a warm and heart-bolstering feeling.

The day was beautiful. Onie led the service with ease and made everyone feel so relaxed. My friends and family enjoyed having her around. She was a real asset to the whole event as well as being a joyful celebrant.

Alice, Calum and Leo

As per recommended Agnostic Scotland Naming Ceremony fees, I charge £550 plus travel and this includes a tree planted in your wee one’s honour and my dedicated time to plan, co-collaborate and write your ceremony for you.

There are optional extras such as a professionally printed keepsake ceremony, beautiful certificates for guideparents, vow scrolls and other ‘props’.

I am so happy to chat with you to see if my services suit you. Please do get in touch. I would love to meet you.