Traditional Scottish Highland Castle Wedding

Samantha Clyne Photography

There was so much to love about Vivienne and Brent’s Marriage ceremony at the historic Cluny Castle in Aberdeenshire. Set among 200 acres of beautiful landscaped parkland, this 14th Century crenellated mansion has it’s own magnificent chapel.

Samantha Clyne Photography

For Vivienne and Brent, their wedding was a chance for everyone they know and love to come together to celebrate their love. Family and friends joined them from all around the world, including Australia, Brent’s home country and Singapore, where they first met. And while their two beloved dogs, Floki and Odin, weren’t part of the actual ceremony (for fear they may jump on all the guests and eat the decorations) they were very much a part of the day.

Samantha Clyne Photography

Brent and Vivienne’s day was light and joyful, romantic and poignant. Their wish was for a traditional Scottish ceremony with their story at the heart.

From the moment they first met at the restaurant Brent managed and where Vivienne was immediately struck by Brent’s outright Aussie charm and Brent was taken in by Vivienne’s quick wit, humour and, as he puts it, “her big ol doe eyes”, they immediately hit it off, exchanging banter and, as Viv says, “quite a lot of teasing.” 

Brent took the epic decision to move to Scotland to be with Vivienne, exchanging the bustle and bright lights of Singapore for the remote beauty and tranquility of the Scottish islands. Within two weeks of being on the island they returned from a visit to a remote croft with an excitable collie puppy – and Floki joined their family. And it wasn’t long before Odin completed their family unit. In their words, “everything felt so right, it has always been easy being around each other and we have a lot of fun.”  

Samantha Clyne Photography

During the ceremony, with Brent and Vivienne’s permission, I shared some secret thoughts that they written for each other resulting in much hilarity and quite a few happy tears among the gathering.

A friend gave an excellent and uplifting rendition of Pam Ayres’ wonderful poem, He Never Leaves the Seat Up – apt considering Vivienne’s love for order and Brent’s cheeky sense of humour and, as Viv puts it, “his inability to tidy things away”.

Another dear friend sang beautifully, her voice carrying across the chapel and allowing for a moment of peaceful reflection, before Vivienne and Brent made beautiful loving Marriage Vows to one another and then gifted each other a ring.

I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side.”

Vivienne and Brent

They sealed their Vows with a Handfasting; Scott tartan to represent Vivienne’s family and Johnston tartan to represent Brent’s family.

Samantha Clyne Photography

It was my happy honour to declare Brent and Vivienne married.

I would ask you now to please show your love and congratulations one more time as Aberdeen, Scotland, the world and I give you Vivienne and Brent! 

We then took a moment to sign the Marriage Schedule – that little piece of paper that says “I love you” – with both mums as witnesses. As they were returning to their seats, Brent and Vivienne’s mums both swiped hands to symbolise the letting go of responsibility for their children – a wonderful Aberdeenshire custom!

Brent and Vivienne shared a sip of  Lagavulin 16 in their wedding Quaich. The only whisky that Viv likes and the same whisky that they both enjoyed when Viv was trying to get Brent drunk when they first met! 

Samantha Clyne Photography

We drew the ceremony to a close with a toast to the newlyweds.

Samantha Clyne Photography

There is something timeless about making your Marriage Vows in a Scottish castle and Vivienne and Brent’s October day of crisp light and frost was magical.

Congratulations to you both, Brent and Vivienne. Thank you so much for sharing these sweet details with us all. Here’s wishing you many wonderful adventures in the years to come with all the great talks, epic walks, exciting travels and happiness you could hope for.

Thank you to Samantha Clyne Photography for these glorious photos.

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