A uniquely beautiful Scottish Marriage celebration

After twenty one years together, and many years already referring to each other as husband and wife, Judy and Jeremy’s celebration of love and life was not your average wedding day.

Two of the coolest, most laid-back people you could hope to meet, Jeremy and Judy are not only partners in life but also in work. Their shared passion for music, design, film and pop culture has carried them through many wonderful and obscure experiences. In their time together, they have travelled across the globe and have built a thriving business that grew from a humble office, where they entertained their first client with lunches of homemade grilled cheese and canned soup, to having four different Manhattan offices over the years with employees from over twenty countries.

“We are friends, lovers, adventure buddies and business partners. Rather than finding satisfaction in the comfort of the known, we try to see things with an open mind, with fresh eyes, like beginners. Our wedding day was no exception. It was a celebration of our love.”

Judy and Jeremy

It was immediately clear when chatting with Jeremy and Judy that they live life to the max and they are never not planning their next adventure. From dogsledding and camping in minus twenty degrees centigrade on Svalbard; to kitesurfing in six foot swells in St Maarten; to eating the best steak frites in Montmartre after the opening of their art show at Collette, the ‘trendiest store in the world’; they’ve had some epic times.

It was their wish that their Marriage ceremony be a reflection of the passions they share, the choices they have made, and the creativity, curiosity and wonder that is at the heart of their partnership. Importantly, they wished to invite the people attending – their dearest family and friends – to share some words during the ceremony. So, we invited everyone attending to share a memory, anecdote or reading that spoke of times enjoyed with Judy and Jeremy, reflections on their love and partnership, adventures they’ve had, and their wishes for their future. It was my pleasure to liaise with Jeremy and Judy’s relatives in the lead up to their wedding, to weave their thoughts into the ceremony, so that their words would be a loving surprise for them both on the day.

On a tranquil day in August, twelve of us gathered on a semicircle of wooden benches at The Free Company, an idyllic farm and seasonal restaurant in the foothills outside Edinburgh. As bees and butterflies flew lazily between flowers on the nearby vegetable plots, Judy and Jeremy’s ceremony took place in a sheltered stone courtyard.

In a heartfelt and emotional exchange, their relatives surprised them both with their personal reflections, bringing laughter, tears, warmth and hugs.

We spoke about Marriage and what it means to Jeremy and Judy; how their hopes and dreams perfectly align; how they will always give each other the space to follow their hearts; and how they are each other’s home.

“Marriage is about being fluid and growing with each other. It’s about making space for each other and helping each other to remain fearless, to be brave and to experience all that we hope to as we journey through life together.”

Judy and Jeremy

Judy and Jeremy’s relationship began with a spark at an industry party in New York where after a few caipirinhas they ended up tying their shoelaces together, so it seemed entirely apt that they should affirm their life commitment to one another with a Handfasting. Their beautiful ribbons, which they had handmade from Scottish felt and wool, were gifted by each of their siblings Each one represented the shared passions that have bound them together over the past twenty one years, and the intentions they wished to weave into their partnership going forward.

The first ribbon symbolises adventure, something that will always be at the heart of your partnership. May you have many more elemental, ‘feel alive’ experiences as you continue your journey together, living life to the max.

This second ribbon represents curiosity that you may always be interested in the world around you, learning and deepening your knowledge and understanding, growing together both as individuals and as a partnership.

The third ribbon symbolises nature in all her beauty and power. May you always feel grounded and peaceful, appreciating the wonder of the mountains and the thrill of the sea, the shifting moods of the sky and the tranquility of the trees. May you always find perspective in the immensity and intricacy of the natural world.

The fourth ribbon represents creativity which runs like a thread throughout both your lives. May you always be playful, seeking solutions, exploring possibilities and most of all having fun together as you journey through life. 

And the fifth ribbon stands simply for love.

Judy and Jeremy made their life committment declarations to one another and it was my absolute privilege to declare them both legally married to the whoops and cheers of their loved ones.

They shared a sip of champagne from their beautiful handcrafted Quaich then we closed the ceremony with a blessing for their future.


to the wind always filling your kites

to bluebird days of champagne powder

to the sound of hooves carrying you across open moors

and to the beauty of endless ribbons of gravel ahead of you. 

 To Jeremy and Judy! Slàinte Mhath!

Judy and Jeremy’s ceremony was authentic and loving. It was an absolute pleasure to be their celebrant and share in the magic of their day.

Congratulations to you both, Jeremy and Judy. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous details with us all. Sending so much love and happiness to you both.

Thank you to the wonderful Tamar Hope Photography for the beautiful photos.

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